13 watercolour textures
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  • do not use to make your texures
Download here DA 4Shared


Anime 2. Preview. Codes.

Your pictures can be squared one or not, they will be cropped and you can even adjust its position (check the how to use)

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Textuers pack #1

contains a total 25 combined and raw textures

11 combined textures are not totally created by me. Credits are in the text file. Hpwever, i did heavy editing and combined some textures to create new ones

14 raw textures that are created by me

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don’t redistribute. on instagram? credit us by tagging @.textuers in the picture.


download it here

Woah these are incredibly beautiful!

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THEME 2.3 ⌊SAKURA⌉ by Imaginedragons
 ⇛ Static Preview + Code

  • 500px or 400px posts
  • 4 custom links
  • infinite scrolling option with back to top button
  • optional monochrome photo effect
  • all colors customizable
  • optional music player
  • quick reblog and like button

please keep the credit intact
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Tutorial: How to make flower & animal navigation links

Live Preview: HERE

Flower Links [Horizontal]: DOWNLOAD
Flower Links [Vertical]: DOWNLOAD

Animal Links [Horizontal]: DOWNLOAD
Animal Links [Vertical]: DOWNLOAD
Notes: These are the special navigation links I’ve created for a couple of my themes. Now you can use them for your own blog! (^∇^) There’s two versions of each: horizontal and vertical alignments.
For the animal links: you can switch the hover over feature on or off, but only for the horizontal version.
How to install? Click on Read More!

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Pattern Set #05

To download: right click on a pattern, then Save Image As.

[Revamped Theme #12 Assassin Ghoul]

Preview | Code

To Install:

  • Go to link above and copy the code
  • Go to customize theme
  • Click “Edit HTML”
  • Delete all the codes there and paste the code you copied


  • 400/500 Size Posts
  • 3 Extra Images ( 150px/150px ) [ You need to check ExtraImages Option to see them ]
  • Fading Images
  • Grayscale Images with Color Hover
  • Infinite Scrolling Option 
  • 6 Custom Links
  • Show Captions/Tags
  • Sidebar Image Width should be or more than 220px width and 220px height..


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[ Theme #36 - Rukh ]

Preview | Code 


  • 400/500 Size Posts
  • Fading Images
  • Grayscale Sidebar Image Option
  • Grayscale Images with Color Hover
  • Infinite Scrolling Option 
  • 6 Custom Links
  • Show Captions/Tags
  • Sidebar Image Width should be 300px. Height will change from screen to screen ( something big recommended )


  • Sidebar image is by Rella
  • Music:The Steps of world’s end ( Kuroshitsuji Live Action OST )
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font friday 07/04/14 ; inspired by orphan black characters. [download]

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✄ ALMANDINE: live / static | RHODONITE: live / static | VIEW CODE ✄

  • 46 colour options
  • 9 custom links (click-activated)
  • 1 column only
  • small posts option (400px)
  • show captions option
  • monochrome posts option
  • infinite scrolling option
  • fading photos option
  • popup blogroll option
  • permalink pokemon pixels option
  • white photoset lightbox (courtesy of ladmilk uvu)

This theme has a lot of freedom when it comes to the pixels and icons, so I’ll write a tutorial about how to upload your own ones asap, as well as (maybe) post a resource of individual rpg icons from 7soul1. You can get pokemon sprites from here!

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Theme Giveaway for followers →

Firstly, thank you for always supporting—I know, without you, I can’t stand by myself, I can’t make a themes until now. To celebrate, I’ve made a themes for theme-giveaway!


  1. You must be following me, it’s a giveaway for followers. If you win and you’re not following me, I’ll choose another person
  2. Reblog and Like per 1 person
  3. Giveaway ends: 29 July 2014
  4. The winners will be chosen via random number generator— 3 winners

Go! Go! Go! I’ll be waiting for the winners! The preview on the theme can be seen here or click the title above.

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pseudonym preview / code / instructions / credits

Page can be used for:

  • character
  • family
  • bias
  • just anything that deals with images

keep your names short. VEY VERY short. 

image dimensions: 170px by 170px

Read the instructions before asking any questions. If you’re still confused, please ask, but I do not help with customizations

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by effiestrinkets

  • In celebration of 5k followers I’ve put together a pack of all my favourite textures! :)
  • Note that none of these were made by me. I have named each texture with the source + which of their texture packs you can find it in.
  • 210 medium/large textures. (Most are 500+px width)
  • Please like/reblog if you download. :)
  • ZIP / RAR
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[Revamped Theme #3 - Checkmate]

Preview || Code


  • 400/500 Size Posts
  • Fading Images
  • Grayscale Images with Color Hover
  • Infinite Scrolling Option 
  • 8 Custom Links with Hiding Option
  • Show Captions/Tags
  • Version 2 / Show CustomLinks Options
  • Subtitle Option.
  • Sidebar Image Width should be or more than 230px.


  • Yukoki is a big inspiration to me!! <3<3.
  • Original images belong to by 姫束級.
  • Music: Childhood Memories ( Kuroshitsuji Live Action OST )
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So here’s my tip of font using in graphic design. I made this list of fonts I suggest to be used more often and fonts I suggest to be used less often. Especially from Helvetica to Gill Sans, they are really popular fonts to be used by professional designers. They all work finely whether in graphic design, web design or typography.

From Rockwell to Parisish, they are fonts to be used in typography or artworks, mostly for vintage style. They are probably not suitable in some formal occasions. But they will be your good choice when you want to make a fancy coffee shop banner.

You might be surprised that Arial and Times New Roman are in my less used list. But don’t stop using them in your homework and essay- well, now you probably understand why you shouldn’t put them in your graphic works.

The rest of the fonts are what I constantly see people using in their graphic works and I must say that even tho those fonts look cool and fancy, they actually don’t look as quality as you think.

BUT, that doesn’t mean you should delete these fonts from your computer (oh but delete Comic Sans for God’s sake) They can still be used for certain situation, as long as you handle them well. However, please never do something like using Colors of Autumn as the title and Typewriter as the concept, unless you’re trying to drive someone crazy.

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